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World Cup Fever

World Cup Fever

The 2018 World Cup kicked off to a blazing start with goals in every single match from every possible way (including own goals). With almost every country vying for that elusive trophy, teams are coming on strong even in the group stage itself.

All participating countries sent their best talent (with some snubs as well) decked out in their respective colours and top notch sportswear. In a tournament where every inch could make a difference between a win or a loss, players are looking for any advantage they can find.

From compression socks to long sleeve tops, and top class sneakers to compression shorts, no expenses were spared for that elusive victory.

We saw Russia opened with a 5-0 win over Saudi Arabia, Uruguay with a solid 1-0 win over Egypt and Morocco blowing their dominance to an own goal late into injury time against Iran. But the highlight of the World Cup so far has to be the Portugal and Spain heavyweight bout.

A early penalty saw Ronaldo scored (Spoiler alert: he scores again) the opener to give Portugal a one goal lead. Spain started to panic but managed to erase the early lead with a superb individual goal by Costa beating 2 defenders and the keeper 20 mins later. A De Gea fumble gave Ronaldo his second goal to close the half, giving Portugal a 2-1 lead going into the half.

In the second half, Spain started playing much better and the results quickly showed as Costa scored his second and levelled the score at an even 2-2 at 55th minute. A beautiful volley into the bottom corner by Nacho (to make up for giving up that early penalty) gave Spain the 3-2 lead 3 minutes later.

The happiness lasted for 30 mins until CR7 showed the world why he was still the greatest goal scorer in the world. With a stunning free kick to complete his hat trick, Portugal evened the score at 3-3 and send Spain fans into shock and all football fans into a frenzy, giving the fitting conclusion to a thrilling match.

Let’s hope for more exciting matches to come for World Cup 2018!

And also to all our Muslim friends, Selamat Hari Raya!

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