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When To Use Compression Tights

Posted by Dominic Siew on

As more and more research are being done on compression tights, there has been a vast amount of contradicting information on it. Here at Sports Utopia, we help you to figure out exactly when to use your compression tights.

A research in 2017 by Nike has hinted a possible placebo effect of compression tights. However, an important note is that the research only suggests compression tights do not reduce fatigue.

So what does this mean going forward?

If you feel that compression tights have been working for you, in terms of reducing fatigue, don’t stop using it now. There could be possible unexplained scientific angles that have not been discovered by researchers and limited technology to explain the benefits of compression tights.

You can also still use compression tights for recovery as well as any other benefits you have felt so far from using it!

In short, try using it for your sports and exercises to see if it helps your performance. And use it for after high-intensity activities to see if it aids in your recovery. At the end of the day, it is about how you feel.

Do you feel like you have performed better? Do you feel less fatigue? That's all that matters. 


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