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The Manchester United’s Mourinho Problem

The Manchester United’s Mourinho Problem

Since Manchester United’s shaky opening win over Leicester City, the Red Devils have dropped 2 games in disastrous fashion against Brighton and Tottenham.

Both games saw the Red Devils conceded 3 goals each and for a Mourinho-led team, that defense was atrocious.

So what in the devil is going on?

Old Trafford has been spoiled to seeing success over the years under Sir Alex Ferguson.


Now, under the leadership of Jose Mourinho, there seems to be a problem.

It’s normal for players to clash with their managers, but in this particular situation, there’s one slight difference.

The manager is usually more collected and matured in the press. But the same cannot be said about Mourinho

Let’s start with something small.

Last season, after Manchester United’s exit in the UEFA Champion’s League, Mourinho threw the team under the bus to the press.

He claimed that Manchester United’s exit was ‘nothing new’.

As a manager and a leader, it is up to him to take responsibility and right wrongs, instead of blaming other factors and least of all, his players.

He repeated the same mistake again after the loss to Brighton, claiming that his tactics were right

He even made a bold claim recently, on being one of the greatest managers in the world.


Then there’s the Paul Pogba problem.

It’s no secret that the relationship between Pogba and Mourinho is at the very least, tense.

And for the Red Devils, Pogba’s star-powered play is extremely important.

In most situations, the managers usually try to fix the relationship or at least achieve a level of respect and professionalism with their star players.

However, Mourinho’s comments towards Pogba post-World Cup were anything but, and the entire relationship worsened from there.

So for one of the greatest manager in the world, why does his team look so vulnerable? 

While Jose Mourinho is a defensive-minded manager, the personnel at Old Trafford are not suitable for his playing style.

The likes of Smalling, Shaw, Bailly and Lindelof are insufficient at the back.

And to make matters worse, Mourinho employs an ever-changing line-up.

It reduces their chances of forming a shred of defensive chemistry or even team chemistry, to say the least.

This has irked the players at Old Trafford such as Martial and Pogba to name a few.

To top it all off, his style of play doesn’t seem to fit the team at all.

With a strong offensive line-up of Sanchez, Lukaku, Martial, Lingard and Rashford, it doesn’t make sense for them to be parking the bus all the time and playing defensively.

Mourinho’s standing in Manchester is clearly shaky and the team is struggling right now and the rival fans are celebrating it.

It’s still early in the season and Mourinho could still right this sinking ship.

However, if the Red Devils do not bounce back soon enough, don’t be surprised to see his firing on your newsfeed.

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