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The Fired One: The Impact of Jose Mourinho’s Firing

The Fired One: The Impact of Jose Mourinho’s Firing


On this blog, we’ve often talked about Jose Mourinho’s job security and the various issues that he brings. But on 20th December 2018, the Manchester United’s management finally pulled the plug on the Mourinho experiment and fired him.

This came off a 3-1 loss against Liverpool at Anfield, which apparently was the last straw for Woodward and company. Just like that, Jose Mourinho went from the special one to the fired one.

While he has his many flaws, he was a manager of a certain stature and had the experience and resume to back him up. However, he just couldn’t click with some of his players, and the firing was a long time coming.


So what is going to happen at Old Trafford? 3 things come to mind.

The Hunt Continues

Despite being linked with former Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane, the management decided to name former striker Ole Gunnar Solskjaer as the interim manager for the rest of the season.

It seems unlikely that he will be the manager at Old Trafford beyond this season, with Zidane still in the running and Spurs’ Mauricio Pochettino rumoured to be the favourite.

There has been a slew of manager in and out of Manchester since the departure of the legendary Sir Alex Ferguson. So the hunt continues for a proper replacement of the former boss.


A New Style Of Play

Mourinho’s tactics were well-known and renowned, with the usage of discipline defending and parking the bus tactics as opposed to the free flow style of play. Now that he is gone, his tactics leave along with him.

As a result, the Red Devils should play much better offence and show more spirit on the field in their subsequent matches. Be it Solskjaer, Zidane or Pochettino eventually.

There should be no reason why the new manager would not be able to extract the best out of the current players that are filled with offensive talents, within a more offensive style of play or system. There was evidence of that in their 5-1 win against Cardiff City last night.  

This should signify more exciting times to come at Old Trafford. Whether that will translate into quality wins remains to be seen.


Synergy In The Locker Room

Before the firing, there have been constant reports of Mourinho losing the locker room and consistent clashes with players (i.e. Pogba).

With the Portuguese finally gone, there should be better team chemistry and synergy in the Old Trafford locker room.

This should improve the spirits of various players, as well as a display of more heart on the pitch, come Sunday night against Cardiff City.


Jose Mourinho should not take long to find another job, given his extensive resume, so you don't have to worry about him. But it may take the Red Devils awhile to find another manager to get the job done this time around.


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