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The 6 Different Types of Outfit You’ll See At The Gym

The 6 Different Types of Outfit You’ll See At The Gym

As the healthy lifestyle trend continues on, more and more people are hitting the gym and working out via sports and/or running.

With newer people joining the fray of keeping and getting fit, you’ll see all kinds of people, and subsequently all kinds of ’styles’.

For the newcomers, feel free to use this list as a reference on what to wear for your first gym visit.

As for the seasoned veterans, you can see if your own gym wears can be found in this list.


The Random Dry-Fit T-Shirt + Sports Shorts a.k.a The Pyjamas

“I am going to sweat and bathe afterwards anyway, might as well just wear what I woke up in.”

“Aiya, lazy to change and/or do so much laundry la.”

“Dry-fit easier to wash and more comfortable to work out in mah…”

“Muscle not that big, cannot wear tight clothes or sleeveless to show off ma…”


Well, we don’t disagree!

This group of gym-goers are often younger (though not always), with the dry-fit shirt being school-based or even from marathon kits (i.e. Standard Chartered etc.)

Dressed for comfort rather than style, they are usually seen leaving in slippers or even the shoes they came in.

Nothing says ‘the gym is my home’ than dressing like you’re home!  😉


The Jersey Wearers

Sporting a school team jersey, an outside club jersey or their favourite professional athlete’s jersey, these are the athletes of the bunch and they are determined to show it.

For those in their favourite professional athlete jerseys, it often ranges from basketball jerseys (e.g. Russell Westbrook OKC Thunder) to soccer jerseys (i.e. Manchester United kit).

These people gym to get better at their respective sport, in hopes to demolish their competition the same way they do their weights.

Keep working!


The Sports-Branded Top

This group of gym enthusiasts could be seen wearing a top from Nike, Adidas or Under Armour, which usually includes a motivational quote.

From quotes like “No Pain No Gain” or just the Nike slogan “Just Do It” to the “Do You Even Lift” and “Keep Calm And ….”, you can always find motivation just by reading their shirts.

I mean, picture it:

You’re at the gym struggling to do your last rep, and right before you are about to give up, you see “Go Hard or Go Home”. You’re already here, why would you want to go home?? So you push harder, and finally, you find that last burst of energy to complete the set.

I digress.

Nothing says you belong at the gym then a Nike/Adidas/Under Armour shirt, amirite?


The Sleeveless Shirts

Ah… the gun-bearers. No, not actual guns, that’s illegal. I’m referring to those with biceps bigger than your face.

You can see them bulging because of the sleeveless shirts they have on, ranging from white to grey to black.

These group of weight-lifters are huge from the waist up, and they require the freedom to work on their arms without the restrictions of sleeves.

(From the waist down though, it may vary....😝 )

You could usually spot them at the bench-press or deadlift stations, exploding with strength and the occasional red-face, as they grunt their way past their Personal-Best (PB) and destroying ours (along with our ego & pride) in the process. Again.

Well, if you got the goods…, nothing wrong with showing it. (:


The Compression Tights Wearer

Another group of half-man and half-beasts, these weightlifters are often sporting compression singlets during their workouts.

Sometimes they are wearing them underneath their tops and bottoms, sometimes they wear them proudly on its own. (Though bottom compression tights are rarely ever seen on its own.)

In any case, this group is similar to the previous ones. You usually detect a hint of their six-pack barely fitting into the compression tights.

Much like the previous group, they are often destroying weights and machines (usually not literally) left and right.

Well, compression tights do help, so you can’t fault these beasts for wearing them.


The Half-Naked Man

(Sorry ladies, if you are included in this group, you’d probably get in some trouble with the law.)

These men are exclusively ripped, with muscle definition in all the right places.

You often find them sweating, heaving and walking around, exhibiting their glorious photoshopped looking bods.

It could be anything really. The broken air-conditioning in the gym, the excessive sweating from the intense workouts, or they exerted themselves so much that their shirt burst into a million pieces.

Oh, who are we kidding? They got a great bod and they’re not afraid to show it.

(Disclaimer #1: If they don’t, we’re not here to judge. They are doing something about it in the gym, so they've got that.)

(Disclaimer #2: They might have other reasons, but we, or rather I, don’t have the body to show for so, I can’t empathise.)

In any case, if you are looking for some gym outfits, check out our gym bundles or our 11.11 sale!


Keep grinding y’all!

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