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Taking Down Giants (World Cup 2018 Part II)

Taking Down Giants (World Cup 2018 Part II)

Over the past week, World Cup 2018 has shown the world why football is the most unpredictable sport, with several heavyweights taking unexpected Ls and draws.

We saw Messi’s Argentina fail to respond twice in a row, resulting in 1 Draw and 1 Loss. This was a rather big hit on Messi's legacy against Ronaldo, after the latter carried Portugal to 1 Draw (against heavyweight Spain) and 1 Win (against Morocco), as the former missed a crucial penalty against Iceland that could have gave Argentina their first win. At this point, Messi has netted as much goals as we did in this World Cup (0). Now, they are on the brink of elimination from the Round of 16.

A huge shoutout to Iceland for playing with heart and defensive discipline that led them to a chance to qualify to the Round of 16 in just their first World Cup appearance.

There was also Mexico's huge unexpected win over defending champions Germany of all countries, as well as Switzerland holding their own against Brazil with the score at 1 a-piece due to a terrible showing by Neymar (Seems to be a recurring theme for the great players except CR7).

We also saw the first win by a Southeast Asian country over a South American one, when Japan took down Colombia 2-1 #AsianPride! Injury kept star James Rodriguez out of the starting lineup and an early red card placed Colombia in a difficult position all game, which resulted in the loss.

Lastly, Senegal took down favourites Poland as well, giving this World Cup another surprising defeat by a stronger team.

This has been a rather eventful World Cup and it looks to continue to showing us the beauty of the sport. The ball is indeed round.


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