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Compression Tights: How Does It Work?

Compression Tights: How Does It Work?

A lot has been said about compression tights, the way they improve performances and aid in recovery. However, relatively little is known about the exact science behind it and we are here to help.

Compression tights, simply put, compress and contract your muscles, and this is good for a couple of reasons:

Reason #1: Blood Circulation

Muscle soreness and weakness from intense exercises and sports are usually due to damage to muscle tissue. Compression improves the blood circulation and blood flow within the muscle, which flushes away biochemical byproducts, such as lactate and creatine kinase. These are the chemicals that create the feeling of soreness in your muscles and thus, by removing them, inflammation and muscles aches are reduced as well. Besides that, it helps increase the concentration of oxygen within your muscles.

Reason #2: Reduced Vibrations

When you run or do sports, the muscles that are working vibrates, which causes a contraction, and this contraction uses energy. Hence, more vibrations mean more energy being used. Compression tights work by reducing the muscle vibration and thus slowing down the moment you feel the fatigue. This could improve your performance in various sports and exercises.

Reason #3: Fluid Build Up

When there is inflammation in your muscles or joints, there is an increase in fluid in the area. This causes it swell and increases the pressure felt by the muscle/join, which leads to pain. Compression tights restrict the amount of fluid buildup, thus, decreasing the swelling and subsequently, the pressure within the body


Compression wear is often prescribed for those who are bedridden to help improve their blood flow, having similar effects to a massage. While they are not a substitute to rest, it helps to speed up the recovery process. It may not eradicate soreness and muscle strains, but it definitely can help reduce the effects of it.

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