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5 Reasons To Wear Your Sports Attire Everywhere

5 Reasons To Wear Your Sports Attire Everywhere

Last week, we gave you a list of commonly found outfits in the gym. This week, we are going to up the ante.

What if I tell you, you can actually wear your workout outfits everywhere you go?

Whether you’re going to town for some shopping, or just grocery shopping, we highly recommend that you go out like you are working out.

(Disclaimer: Avoid wearing it to official businesses, interviews and meetings)

Here are 5 reasons why you should wear your gym wear everywhere and anytime:


The Weather

Let’s face it. We have something good going for us, but the weather is not one of them. Singaporeans often have to deal with the heat, humidity and rain.

By putting on some comfortable gym wear, you are less likely to be sweating under the hot afternoon sun while running your errands.

And in the event that it rains, you don’t have to worry about getting drenched and spoiling your clothes.  If they can take the grind in the gym, they can definitely take in the thunderstorm.

(But still take shelter of course. They are clothes, not armour)


Dress for Comfort

Gym wears are often comfortable to be in. In fact, I often you use it as sleeping clothes to fall asleep quicker.

While we are not advocating for you to sleep in public, dressing comfortably does have its benefits.

There have been studies supporting increased productivity from dressing comfortably.

Plus, being comfortable means you are more like yourself, freer and happier. I mean, who wants to be uncomfortable??


Be Ready To Workout Anytime

Imagine this: you are walking around, bored out of your minds. Suddenly, you hear some nice electronic music. Lo and behold, it’s a gym and you are tempted. You are in a uncomfortable top and jeans, so you can only let this opportunity slide. Or you going to have to rush home to get your workout attire.

Or, you can just be in your workout clothes.

Okay, I get it, what are the chances of that happening?

But, it sure helps doesn’t it?


Act Like You Are Going To Workout

Afraid of being judged? You don’t have to worry about a damn thing.

You can always pretend like you are actually going to workout. (Even if you are lowkey lazy and tired from life.)

Dress like you actually are going to workout wherever you go, people will just think that you actually workout often.

If they ask, you already know what to say (;


It’s Fashionable

Fashion is all about trends. And the trend is fitness and wellness now.

In fact, some sports wear look pretty good and alluring enough for your #OOTD shots nowadays.

Don’t believe me? Look up some influencer feeds. You can look good AND sporty.

So what are you waiting for? Take off that Gucci top and put on your sports top and shorts. It’s time to get in fashion (;


Convinced? It’s time to stock up some gym wear and sports wear for your everyday use. We got your back here.

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