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4 Reasons To Wear Compression Tights in Soccer/Football

4 Reasons To Wear Compression Tights in Soccer/Football

With UEFA Champions League 2018 Final coming up, it is only fitting to talk about the use of compression tights in soccer.

Competitive Edge

Compression tights regulate your blood circulation while you run up and down the field and limit your muscle vibrations to slow down the onset of fatigue. This keeps you at your peak physical state over a longer period of time. Also, it helps you warm up faster than your competition, allowing you to be ready for your match faster.

Stay Warm

In all weathers, compression tights keep your body warm for the match. Especially during winter or rainy weathers, where it can be incredibly cold, compression tights regulate your body temperature and keep you warmed up for your important matches despite the weather.

Better Looking Undergarments

A contact and physical sport like soccer usually have many moments where there are pushing and grabbing of jerseys, especially during corners and free kicks. Compression tights often look like a second pair of shorts.  During these moments when your jersey is being pulled, your underwear could risk being revealed. But with compression tights, there won’t be such a worry.

Feel Good, Play Good

Compression tights hug your body (if you bought the right size) tightly but comfortably. It is like wearing a hug, which can reduce anxiety and stress without the extra human weight. Also, the material feels good on your skin and body. When you feel better, you play better.

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