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3 Ways To Dress Lazily To Town (Without Being Judged)

3 Ways To Dress Lazily To Town (Without Being Judged)

For the past few weeks, we’ve been talking about the types of gym wear and sportswear as well as reasons to don them. But, we never actually talked about how to actually dress.

We understand that it is tough to dress lazily, but dressing like an athlete will help you do so without the judgemental looks from the fashionistas.

Also, to help people inspired by our last week’s post, we thought it would be appropriate for people to know how to go about in your sportswear without getting judged for your appearance.

(Disclaimer: We believe that people should not be judged based on appearances, but we’re here to help people get past it)

People often fear wearing slippers and sports attire/gym wear to go out, afraid that your laziness or other reasons might result in weird looks from the public. You don’t have to worry anymore.

We agree that dry fit shirt and slippers are comfortable, so here are 3 ways to dress lazily to town (i.e. Orchard, Somerset) without being judged, by looking like an athlete!


1. A Sports-Related Top

This can be in the form of jerseys, a sports-branded shirt (i.e. Nike, Adidas etc) or a shirt with a motivational quote (like this)  on it.

A sports-branded shirt makes you look like you are going to the gym (see this) or going for a workout, either way, you won’t look bad amongst the fashion divas because you are dressed appropriately.

There’re so many gyms in the town area nowadays, people will just assume that you’re going to one of them.

As for jerseys, well, being known as a sports fan won’t get you judged (besides rival team fans, but they don’t matter (;)


2. A Shoe Bag

Carrying a shoe bag gives people the illusion that you are changing to covered shoes soon or you just finished a workout in covered shoes, which means your current appearance is totally appropriate and acceptable. 

You don’t even have to put covered shoes in it! Just put your wallet, keys and phones etc inside to fill it up, and carry it wherever you are in your ‘workout attire’.

*TA-DA* Now you look like you are going for a workout or just ended one (after showering of course!), and people will just think you are a confident man/woman is committed to his/her health and body.


3. A Big Sports Bag


Carry something like this.

A sports or gym bag gives you the disguise of someone who has a change of clothes or going for a workout.

Even if it is filled with other items like your shopping or make-up, nobody actually knows! So you will just give off the vibe that you are very prepared for your upcoming exercise session.


Need some other sports equipment to complete the look? Do check out our other products that could lend you a hand here!

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